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Let the party start right away! For our events we will set KizomBUS from different direction so you can kiz and travel to your kizomba evening in Kizomba Eskapade. You can find under event page tickets for KizomBUS. You can select the direction you are coming from and reserve your place. We will try to put one stop at a car pool and one stop next to train station so you can select the best option for you. You can take some kizomba music with you and ask the driver to put it on for you. This way you enjoy the party to the end, more freedom to drink alcohol, next to that you can just rest in the bus or talk to your friends or even dance! We are as the team of Kizomba Eskapade willing to offer you best kizomba evening. See you all soon at dance floor. 

Currently KizomBUS rotterdam <-> Kizomba Eskapade is availble for booking, 

are you coming from other directions and do you want to come with KizomBus? Yes it is possible. If you have group send us an email to, we will set a KizomBUS for you. 

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